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Palestinian farmers under the Occupation

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

How do you make a living as a farmer when your land and water has been stolen from you by the Israeli invaders? The answer is that you don’t. You join the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in refugee camps in Jordan, or you work for a pittance in the illegal Israeli settlements spreading like a cancer over the once fertile land of Palestine. (more…)


Monday, October 29th, 2007

The Palestinian village of Al Mazra’a al Qibliya in the occupied West Bank was the scene of a vicious attack by armed Israeli settlers this weekend following a demonstration participated in by the Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group (see



Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Three British women, arrested at a demonstration at Al Masra’a al Qibliya on Friday 26th were released late last night after being detained for over thirty hours.

The women, Sarah Cobham, Caroline Bailey and Kate Harrison, were arrested after participating in a demonstration about the seizure of land in Al Masra’a. Protesters were fired at with live ammunition by settlers, soldiers also fired off live rounds. The women were ‘detained’ by an armed settler while trying to leave the demonstration.The settler shot at the women, ran after them, pushed them up against a wall, pointed a gun at them and threatened to kill them.When Israeli soldiers arrived by they did nothing to stop the assault by the settler. The women were kept in the ‘punishment block’ of Ramla women’s prison close to Tel Aviv and released after a closed hearing at the Ministry of the Interior in Jerusalem.


Settler violence, army collusion and justice

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Yesterday I found myself with two friends, on a Palestinian hillside, being pursued by an Israeli settler shouting and shooting indiscrimiately. This wasn’t what I had expected when I decided to attend a demonstration against the Isreali settler theft of land from the palestinian villagers of Al Misra’ar. (more…)

Settlement Slavery

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Waking up before dawn in the small village of Fasayil, deep in the heart of the Jordan Valley, we did not know what to expect. We were hoping to see, and maybe speak to some Palestinians that work in the nearby Israeli settlement farm: Tomer. (more…)

Life, Birth and Death in the Jordan Valley

Sunday, October 28th, 2007
I have come to Palestine with a particular focus on women and women’s health. I am a midwife who has lived in Brighton for ten years. I work at the Royal Sussex County hospital. I joined the delegation to find out first hand the effect of the Israeli occupation on the women and their choices in childbirth. The quiet grinding everyday stress of living under occupation is a story not always told. The big incursions, the land seizures the dead children, shot for throwing stones make the headlines, the everyday problems of living under a power that wants to destroy you is not so newsworthy. I was expecting to find many stress related health conditions as well as the conditions of poverty and poor access to services.  (more…)

A Tale of Two Worlds

Sunday, October 28th, 2007
Edward Said used to say that Western support for the Palestinian cause could only be built through the creation of a national narrative strong enough to challenge Israel’s, and to do this the same story would have to be re-told over and over again until the world starts listening. Writing about a first visit to Palestine feels a bit like becoming a part of that essential retelling. Although I have read hundreds of accounts of everything I am now experiencing, nothing had quite prepared me for the reality behind the words. (more…)

Education in Violence

Sunday, October 28th, 2007
One of the things that have stood out during our stay in Palestine is the violent, intimidatory tactics of the Israeli army are commonplace and patently not restricted to those that even the most paranoid soldier could see as a threat. It seems that everyone we meet has a story to recount of humiliation at checkpoints, or attacks on themselves or their property, regardless of their age or gender. (more…)

Life in the women’s prison

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Two days ago I attended a peaceful demonstration of villagers against the theft of their land by settlers. I found my self assaulted and ‘arrested’ by a settler with the aquiesence of the Isreali army, lied to by the Israeli police, dumped in the punishment block of the women’s prison, driven for miles to the Ministry of the Interior deportation centre, and eventually released because I had done nothing wrong. What would they have done to me if I was Palestinian? (more…)


Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Three British women, Kate Harrison, Caroline Bailey and Sarah Cobham representing the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity group, were arrested during a non-violent protest at Al Mazra’a al Qibilya in the West Bank on Friday 26th October and will appear at 6pm this evening in the Jerusalem Peace Court, located in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. (more…)