“This is the occupation…. the IOF killed my friend”

We have just heard from Fatih, our friend from Toubas, that just over a week ago one of our taxi drivers was shot dead by the Israeli Army at a Raod Clusure near Toubas. The Taxi Driver, Zakaria Abu Mihsen, from Toubas, picked us up at the road closure late at night when we were on our way back to Toubas from the Jordan Valley. The road closure is 3 mounds of earth that have been put in the road, several meters apart, to permanently stop vehicles being able to get through. It is in the middle of nowhere, and there is no lighting.

Zakaria was an old school friend of Fatih’s, and Fatih told us that he often rang him when he needed a taxi to pick him up at night. Just over a week ago he was approaching the road closure to pick up some passengers when the Army shot him, and he is now dead.

Of 13 students who were in Fatih’s class when he was a school, four have now been killed by the Israeli Army. As Fatih says “This is the occupation”.

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