Statement from Tubas PGFTU and Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group in support of the UNISON motion

Boycott Israel, the State of Occupation

From The Union of Public Services –members of the General Federation of

the Palestinian Workers Trade Unions – to The national UNISON conference

in Brighton 19-22 June.

On behalf of all the workers of Palestine, we wish to thank you very much

and express to you our utmost gratitude and appreciation for all the bold

steps currently being taken to declare a boycott of the occupying State of


We consider the boycott of Israel to be an important step towards putting

an end to:-

- the occupation,

- the daily killing of our sons & daughters and

- the systematic abuse of Palestinian human dignity.

We believe the boycott of Israel, the State of Occupation to be a defiant

step of the Free-minded who believe in human dignity. It is also an

important step in order to put an end to Israel’s policies of racism,

which reached the point of turning the Palestinian territories into a big

open prison as a result of the construction of the separation wall and the

presence of more than 350 military check points which cut off our

Palestinian land and isolate us from the world.

We call on you to make every possible effort to alleviate our suffering.

Bassaam Al-Musalmaani

President of the Tubas Public Services Union


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