Updates On Hadidya and Fasayil

I telephoned Ali in Fasayil and Abu Sacca in Hadidya on Monday.

I think we should try to do this every one or two weeks

Ali Jahalin (the head of the village committee in Fasayil) said that the army had not returned to Fasayil since our visit but the demolition orders remained on the 5 hoses. That they had used the money we donated to clear the land for the new tent school and that they were now only waiting for the tents as they were confident they would be allocated teachers by the education ministry.

Abu Sacca (whose house has a military demolition order in Hadidya) said that the army had been to the village twice since we left but everything was quiet at the moment. He said that Spanish ISM volunteers were currently staying with Abu Arrif (where I stayed). He expressed thanks for the internationals being there. He said that there was nowhere for him to go and that he would not move.

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