Al Hamra and Humsa

Water Project Update March 2010

In Brighton we have now raised £4,400 of the £5000 we have committed to donate to the project. Thanks to everyone who has organised fundraising and made donations.

To see a case study of the first community to receive running water from the Project see our article and photos at

Zoba Communiity - Resisting Ethnic Cleansing

The Zoba community are withstanding Israel's attempts to remove them from their land with community action and resilience.

If you had come in here in 2007, you would have found a village destroyed, with just one house left standing - surrounded by rubble evidencing the remains of all the homes, and the water well, demolished by the Israelis.


Torture at Al Hamra checkpoint

At 5pm on 14th February the Israeli army closed Al Hamra checkpoint, arested two Palestinian men, forced them to strip, blindfolded them, then made them walk down the road in front of queues of people and stand in stress positions.


The Zoba Community

Today we were taken to visit the Zoba community in the Jordan Valley, a family who have suffered immeasurably since the start of the occupation. The community is located on the top of a small hill, at the West entrance of the Jordan Valley, 3 kilometres west of the Al Jiftlik community and a mere 400 metres from Al Hamra checkpoint. It is also very close to the old Jordan River Bridge which connected the occupied West Bank with the kingdom of Jordan. This bridge was closed by the Israelis in the early 1990’s, further isolating the people of the West Bank.


32 families threatened with eviction and house demolitions

The very existence of the Palestinian communities in Al Hadidiya and Khirbet Ar Ras Al Ahmar has been threatened once again by the Israeli occupation authority. On 31st May 09 thirty two families were threatened with eviction or the demolition of their homes. The following details have been published by the United Nations.


Beating at Al Hamra Checkpoint

Hamra checkpoint is used by many people from Tubas who try to access their land or visit family in the Jordan Valley. Like Tayasir checkpoint further north passage through is being made harder and harder in the Israeli attempt to seal off the valley completely to Palestinians living in the rest of the West Bank. These checkpoints are being expanded to resemble the terminals.