The persecution of the Daraghme family continues

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Monday 28th March 2011.

The Army did not return on Sunday, as they had threatened, although it was clear that they were keeping a close eye on the family by jeeps that were seen in the area. On Sunday afternoon the local representative of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) visited and interviewed Nabeel. He left to make representations to the Army, but it is clear that he has little power in this situation.

International volunteers stayed with the family again on Sunday night and during the morning on Monday, and the Army did not return. Although the family remains in a state of limbo, not knowing what the army will do, there are no immediate threats from settlers, so we agreed with them that the internationals would leave, but continue to be in phone contact with the family.

The support and solidarity that the family is receiving is all being coordinated by Jordan Valley Solidarity, who are also working hard to get publicity about this case. The other families in the small community of Ein ElHilwe are watching what is happening to the family - they know that is not just the Daraghme family home which is under threat, but all of their homes. During the day another family, who were visiting to show support, told us of how their family home had been demolished some years previously. In their case their home had been wrecked and the son of the family arrested, and they said no internationals had been present when this happened. The family now no longer lived in the valley, but in Tubas town. While the community here is realistic about the small amount of power that internationals have, they do believe strongly that the presence of internationals and their cameras means that Palestinians feel slightly safer.

Posted by Sarah at 03:29